During a Ram Navami rally in Bengal’s Murshidabad, Mamata accuses the BJP of orchestrating the attack.

One woman was hurt in a bomb that also happened during the Ram Navami rally in Bengal’s Murshidabad, according to the police. Police have not yet confirmed if it was an explosion from a device or something else.

Ram Navami rally in Bengal

Bengal (West):

Clashes broke out during Wednesday’s Ram Navami parade in Murshidabad, West Bengal, injuring a number of persons. The incident happened in the Shaktipur neighborhood of Murshidabad when stones were thrown at participants in a procession celebrating the Ram Navami holiday.
Police were notified of a bomb that reportedly happened during the parade, injuring one woman. Murshidabad Medical College and Hospital is treating the woman.

Speaking about the event, a police officer stated, “On Wednesday evening, there was a blast. This led to injuries to a woman. We are looking into what happened.” The investigating officer did not say if the explosion was brought on by a bomb or by another cause.

The BJP claimed that stones were thrown during a Ram Navami procession in the district’s Rejinagar sector.

Ram Navami rally in Bengal

Upholding law and order was the state police’s responsibility. In response to the incident, BJP state general secretary Jagannath Chattopadhyay stated, “We implore the Election Commission to take severe action against the police officers there.” However, the police remained silent about the occurrence.

The BJP was accused by the TMC of inciting unrest in the run-up to the polls.

In order to connect with voters ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, leaders of the TMC and BJP made the most of the opportunity.

Mamata Banerjee claims the events in Murshidabad were orchestrated

Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of Bengal, has claimed that the Murshidabad tragedy was orchestrated and has promised to take decisive action against those responsible.

“Who instructed you to march with swords during the Ram Navami procession? Why did you take DIG down one day before Ram Navami? in order for you to commit acts of violence,” she uttered.

Mamata called Mithun Chakraborty a “Gaddar” (traitor). Mithun became a TMC MP for the Rajya Sabha, however he abandoned the party in order to preserve his kid.

Bengal CM sends greetings on Ram Navami

Ram Navami rally in Bengal

Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister, wished people a happy Ram Navami earlier on Wednesday. She posted on social networking platform X, wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Ram Navami… I beg of you all to uphold harmony and prosperity.”

The BJP is attempting to plan disturbances in the run-up to the elections. “We denounce these violent incidents, which are the product of the BJP,” TMC leader Shantanu Sen declared.

For the occasion, the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) has over 5,000 programs scheduled around the state.

“Hindu unity is about faith in Lord Ram, not politics,” stated Sachindranath Singha, national assistant secretary of the VHP.

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