AIRTEL DIGITAL TV LAUNCHES EDUCATIONAL SERVICE – IEXAM: Airtel Digital TV, a Bharti Airtel DTH service, offers a new product called iExam that is designed to assist students study for competitive examinations. Airtel is entering the education sector by providing a service to assist students throughout the nation prepare for entrance exams required by universities and companies. Mock examinations and practise tests may be taken directly from their Airtel Digital TV.


This implies that the screen may now be utilised for more than simply entertainment. “Previously, TV was just a source of pleasure, but with the debut of iExam, it has become a virtual instructor for students at home,” said Shashi Arora, CEO of Bharti Airtel’s DTH/Media division. iExam is the world’s first worldwide programme of its sort, allowing students who wish to prepare for competitive tests to take practise exams in real time and compete against their peers. It has various qualities, such as the capacity to assess one’s own abilities and identify areas for improvement.

Students will be able to check their percentiles

Students will be able to check their percentile and overall performance on the iExam results screen, which will be shown on their TV. There strengths and shortcomings, as well as their timing and accuracy levels, will be revealed via exam analytics. Students will get personalised explanations of their outcomes based on these measures.

It will also provide the user with a wealth of feedback and recommendations on how to enhance their performance. The greatest institutions in the nation, as well as future exams that students should prepare for, are easily accessible. Data about student debt is also supplied.

Currently, iExam collaborates with Career Point, a Kota-based education service provider, to assist engineers study for the AIEEE, IIT, and other statewide admission examinations. Study aids for the CAT, Bank PO, and PMT examinations will be offered in future updates to the programme. Brizz TV, a digital media technology business started at IIM Bangalore and supported by venture finance, created the app.

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