Apple VP Greg Joswiak says ‘metaverse’ is a word he will never use

Apple VP Greg Joswiak says ‘metaverse’ is a word he will never use: According to reports, Apple is creating its own virtual world in order to introduce a new mixed reality headset. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Apple’s VP of Worldwide Marketing, Greg Joswiak, said that he would never use the term “metaverse” since Mark Zuckerberg stated that the metaverse should be “open” as a critique of Apple.

The vice president of Apple makes metaphysical jokes about Facebook.

Apple VP Greg Joswiak says ‘metaverse’ is a word he will never use

Joanna Stern, a journalist for the Wall Street Journal, spoke with both Joswiak and Apple’s VP of Software, Craig Federighi, at the WSJ Tech Live event on Tuesday. Stern inquired about the future of the company’s headwear at one point, but the executives remained silent.

Following that, the reporter continued to question the two corporate executives, “What is the metaverse?” Joswiak quickly responded, “…a phrase I’ll never use.” Apple, as usual, refused to discuss new goods. Because Facebook just changed its name to promote what it refers to as the metaverse, Joswiak’s response to Stern regarding the metaverse may have seemed to be a jab at the social networking site.

Meta has invested heavily in VR, whilst Apple has yet to release any VR products. Apple CEO Tim Cook mocked Meta a month ago, claiming that the “ordinary individual” had no idea what the metaverse is. He believes it is inappropriate to advise individuals to “live their complete lives” online.

A few days later, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the metaverse should be an open platform. But Apple is likely to move in the other route, potentially harming rivals and consumers. Meta created the metaverse platform in collaboration with Microsoft, Autodesk, and Accenture.

However, Apple is expected to release a high-end headset.Nnext year that will operate with the iPhone and other Apple devices.

The iPhone that supports Android and has USB-C and iMessage.

Stern also questioned Apple executives what they intended to do in response to the European Union’s. It mandate that all firms utilise. USB-C as the standard method of connecting electronic gadgets. Joswiak said that Apple will abide with the verdict, although he did not elaborate.

Federighi also implied that Apple will never develop an iMessage app for Android. Since it would destroy the “beautiful experiences” that Android customers have become used to.

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