Prime Minister Modi speaks at a public event in Nagarkurnool, Telangana.

In Nagarkurnool, Telangana, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke at an emotional public event. He got people excited about the 2024 Lok Sabha polls, which was in tune with the nation’s pulse. As the country gets ready for the upcoming elections, PM Modi’s words reflected what most people are thinking: a historic win is on the way.

Prime Minister Modi speaks at a public event

PM Modi praised the strong will of the Indian voters by saying that the country had already announced the results before the official election dates were even announced, indicating that the chance of going over the historic 400-seat mark had been raised. Drawing comparisons to the passion seen in Malkajgiri and Nalgonda, he praised the overwhelming support shown by the people of Telangana and reaffirmed their resolve to start a new era of government led by the BJP.

When PM Modi talked about Telangana’s progress over the past ten years, he emphasized the state’s importance as the “Gateway to the South” and reaffirmed the NDA government’s unshakable dedication to its progress. He did, however, be honest about the problems caused by politics, comparing Telangana’s situation to being stuck between the Congress and the BRS, both of which were holding it back from growing.

Progress in Telangana

“Congress and BRS have shattered all hopes for progress in Telangana.” The problem now is that Congress has a tighter grip on things. First the BRS stole, and now the Congress looks down on us. It’s like going down into the pit from the well. For the Congress, five years is all it takes to ruin the whole state, PM Modi said.

In a harsh attack on the Congress, Prime Minister Modi said that it had a history of lying and stealing that went back seven decades and that it could not lead to progress in Telangana. He drew a contrast between the empty claims of the past and the transformative plans of the present. He talked about how efforts to fight poverty, improve healthcare, and build infrastructure are changing the lives of millions of people.

“Congress used SC, ST, and OBCs as vote banks,” PM Modi said. Modi became prime minister only after the country gave him a full majority. Because Modi’s promise is the only thing that can ensure change. Millions of poor people were able to own their own homes for the first time. People who are poor now have access to toilets, running water, power, and free vaccinations for the first time. A lot of villages got power for the first time at night. Since this change, 25 crore people have been able to escape poverty for the first time in 10 years. Telangana needs to go through the same fast changes.”

“Modi doesn’t want to put chairs and money in the bank for his family by asking you to vote for him. More than 140 crore Indians are Modi’s family. That’s why Modi’s pledge means that he will keep his promises. India’s economy grows faster than any other in the world when Modi says it will be strong, he said.

About the 2024 Lok Sabha polls

PM Modi criticized corrupt and dynastic parties like the Congress and BRS for using disadvantaged groups for political gain. He did this to show that the BJP is fully committed to social justice. He told the voters to turn away from politics that cause division and look forward to a future where everyone feels included and has power.

“The schemes our government runs help SC, ST, OBCs, women, and farmers the most,” the Prime Minister said. This is the real fight for fair society. Congress and BRS are corrupt and dynastic, and they use the name of social justice to get what they want in politics. These are the people who worked very hard to get rid of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar in the polls. Also, they did everything they could to defeat Droupadi Murmu, a member of the ST community, in the presidential race.

Prime Minister Modi speaks at a public event

. When the BJP candidates for Nagarkurnool, Nalgonda, Mahabubnagar, and Secunderabad were announced, he asked voters to believe the party’s candidates. This started a new era in the state’s political history.

“Corruption works best when there are dynastic parties.” Congress and BRS work together to steal money. Congress was a part of the 2G scam. The irrigation scam happened because BRS cheated on water deals. In addition, BRS is working with other dishonest groups outside of the state. Every day, more and more of this truth comes out. “In this fight against corruption, I need the help of Telangana,” PM Modi said.

At the end of his speech, PM Modi thanked everyone for their enormous support in the previous elections and said he was confident that his party would win more than 10 seats in the next election.

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