The Trinamool Congress protests CBI raids in Sandeshkhali in a letter to the chief electoral officer.

The Trinamool Congress protests CBI raids in Sandeshkhali in a letter to the chief electoral officer of West Bengal.
The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was criticized by the Trinamool Congress in a letter sent on Saturday to the West Bengal Chief Electoral Officer for carrying out a raid in Sandeshkhali on election day.

The recent CBI raids in Sandeshkhali have sent shockwaves through the community, as the investigative agency delves into alleged corruption and illicit activities. Sandeshkhali, known for its scenic beauty and vibrant culture, now finds itself under the scrutiny of law enforcement, raising questions about the integrity of local governance and the welfare of its residents. The raids, shrouded in secrecy but fueled by public curiosity, highlight the importance of transparency and accountability in governance, reminding us of the constant need for vigilance against corruption. As the investigation unfolds, it’s a critical moment for Sandeshkhali to reckon with its challenges and strive for a more just and equitable future.

CBI raids in Sandeshkhali

According to CBI sources, Abu Taleb Mollah, the home’s owner, is related to Shajahan Sheikh.

CBI raids in Sandeshkhali

CBI raids in Sandeshkhali

In a letter dated Saturday, the Trinamool Congress (TNC) expressed their displeasure with the CBI’s election-day raid in Sandeshkhali to the West Bengal Chief Electoral Officer.

TMC asserted that prior to conducting the operation, the CBI failed to notify either the state government or the police. According to the report, even though the state police possessed a fully operational bomb disposal unit, the CBI still brought a bomb squad along for the raid.
But in spite of constant pleas, your office has remained silent as Central investigation agencies continue to cause chaos throughout

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