Beyond Imagination: The Resplendent Third Edition of Brand Xcel

The Third Edition of Brand Xcel 2024 study also features guest pieces written by some of the leading minds in Indian marketing.

Third Edition of Brand Xcel

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February 29, Gurgaon (Haryana) [India]: On March 1, 2024, at the Crowne Plaza in Gurugram, Market Xcel will present the Third Edition of Brand Xcel of its Brand Xcel report at the Brand Xcel 2024 Conclave. The Brand Xcel Excellence Awards are a cutting-edge event in the research and insights business that honours and rewards companies that have the strongest consumer connection. Thorough customer surveys serve as the foundation for and validation of the awards.

This year’s conclave, which promotes innovation and entrepreneurship, has partnered with Startup India as a startup partner, demonstrating its dedication to and support of India’s thriving startup scene.

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In addition to the awards ceremony, the event will feature the release of the Third Edition of Brand Xcel report, a comprehensive analysis spanning over 20,000 states, 2000+ companies, and 32,000 customers. This year’s subject, “Mind Mapping the Great Indian Consumer,” calls for an investigation into the factors that influence Indian consumers. The Brand Xcel study used a rigorous methodology to explore the factors influencing consumer culture. It also reveals the three Indias—India 1, India 2, and India 3—as well as the subtle differences in generational shifts between various cohorts. The research provides an examination of the concerns and evolving habits of Indian consumers.

The event’s outstanding speaker roster will enrich and contextualise the findings. Insightful panel discussions with Shuvadip Banerjee, Chief Digital Marketing Officer, ITC LTD; Chandan Mukherji, Director & Senior Vice President, Strategy, Marketing & Communication, Nestle’ India; Ashim Sharma, Senior Partner & Group Head Business Performance Improvement Consulting (Auto, Engg. & Logistics) at Nomura Research Institute; Hamsini Shivakumar, Founder-Leapfrog Strategy Consulting; Jayanto Banerjee, Chief Operating Officer at Hakuhodo India, are among the speakers at the event.

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