Samsung Mobile Devices Will Now Have Image Protection: What This Means

Android devices are susceptible to hacking and spyware, which typically arrive as an attachment, a web link, or photos. Samsung has prioritised modifying the dangers associated with Android, as platforms like as Samsung Knox offer an additional layer of protection.

Now, the company is introducing a new tool that will scan all photographs in the background before allowing you to open them. Samsung calls it Message Guard, and it is currently compatible with both Samsung and Google’s messaging apps.

Zero-day attacks pose a significant threat to the majority of smartphone users, allowing bad actors to obtain unauthorised access to your device and all its data. With the Message Guard, Samsung intends to prevent this. Samsung has also stated that other third-party apps (presumably including WhatsApp) will be compatible with Message Guard, which might prevent a great deal of errors.

Yet, during the initial phase of its debut, Samsung is offering the Message Guard for free to anyone who purchase a new Galaxy S23 series phone. In addition, additional Galaxy phones will receive the capability later this year. This is yet another important addition from Samsung that we hope Google will incorporate into Android in the near future for all devices.

You cannot assume that every mobile user understands the importance of exercising caution with content from unknown sources. Nonetheless, features such as these can at least mitigate any damage to the user. Third-party app shops will eventually be able to function as any other app on Android phones with Android 14’s enhancements.

We are excited to observe how the Message Guard functions and if it minimises the number of scams and hijacks that users encounter.

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