The new Bing powered by AI is now available on iPhones and Android devices: Here is how to view the preview

The preview version of Microsoft’s new Edge web browser with an AI-powered copilot is now available for Android and iOS devices.

The new Bing preview powered by ChatGPT is now accessible on mobile devices. The new AI-powered Bing can be accessible on both Android and iOS devices by installing the most recent versions of Bing and Edge from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively.

According to Microsoft, 64 percent of internet searches occur on mobile devices. The new Bing and Edge browsers have been upgraded with Microsoft’s new co-pilot technology, and the same will be available today for both Android and iPhones. In addition, the upgraded apps include an enhanced user interface.

More than a million individuals in 169 countries have accessed the new Bing from Microsoft. According to the corporation, it has had a 71% positive response, and Microsoft is believed to be working in the next days to further improve it. Now, users must register for the preview programme to have access to the new Bing, and Microsoft will give preferential access to those who have configured Bing as their preferred search engine and Edge as their default web browser.

Microsoft has introduced a new service called Bing for Skype, in addition to the new Edge mobile app. Users may now add Bing to the Skype group and ask inquiries about vacation destinations, weather predictions, and other information about a potential travel destination. Similarly to the new Edge mobile browser, Bing with social will also be available today.

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