Shocking! Flipkart customer orders laptop, gets Ghadi detergent bars

Shocking! Flipkart customer orders laptop, gets Ghadi detergent bars: The Christmas sale has begun on the Flipkart e-commerce site in New Delhi. The corporation has made an enticing offer in the current sale. But what if someone ordered a laptop but receives a bar of Ghadi soap instead? Do you think that makes sense? Of course, you’re correct.

I’d want to know where and who was involved. If you’re still interested, please continue reading. Flipkart is now in a difficult situation since many dissatisfied consumers who purchased things during the Big Billion Days sale did not get them. Instead of the laptop he had bought for his father, a buyer received some Ghadi detergent bars.

People have been criticising Flipkart on social media since the Big Billion Days sale began on Tuesday. In a statement, the online business said that they have identified the source of the issue and are taking efforts to halt the “errant party.”

Flipkart customer orders laptop, gets Ghadi detergent bars

“Flipkart is a customer-focused firm, thus it will not tolerate anything that may cause consumers to lose trust in the company. Flipkart has said that it is critical to provide its consumers with the greatest online buying experience possible.

Yashaswi Sharma, the consumer, stated on LinkedIn that his father made a mistake by not knowing what “open-box delivery” meant.

Flipkart customer orders laptop gets Ghadi detergent bars

According to Yashaswi Sharma, his father always required him to provide the OTP to the courier once the parcel was deliver. The shipment said that it was from a Flipkart-approved vendor. But when it arrived at our home, it contained laundry detergent rather than the laptop we had purchased. He posed the query, “Why didn’t the delivery guy just explain what an open package was before requesting the OTP?

According to Flipkart, the client “provided the OTP with the delivery person without opening the products” due to the unusual circumstances.

“As soon as the specifics of what occurred were establish, our customer support. Staff began processing a refund, which would be deliver within three to four business days. According to a Flipkart report, “We’ve identified the source of the issue and are working to resolve it.

Flipkart responded to the issue by saying. “Flipkart has a rigorous policy of not allowing anything that might harm their brand as a company that prioritises the consumer. When customers purchase from us online, we take great effort to ensure they have the greatest experience possible. The client picked Open Item Delivery in this scenario and delivered the OTP to the delivery person without even opening the box. Our customer care staff has begun processing your refund. The money should be in your account within three to four business days. Once the facts of the occurrence have been validate. We discovered the source of the issue and are working to resolve it.”

“The Flipkart Open Box Delivery service is a customer-focused strategy to protect products from being damage during transportation. A Flipkart delivery partner named “Wishmasters” will open the box in front of the consumer as part of the Open Box Delivery service. Customers should only sign for deliveries if they believe their orders are complete. And then they should provide the OTP to the delivery driver. In this manner, the customer is not require to pay any money. This is in addition to the other things Flipkart has done to enhance its consumers’. Purchasing experiences and develop a dependable supply chain.” It was also say.

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