WhatsApp is rolling out ‘Call Links’ feature for quicker video and audio calls

WhatsApp is rolling out ‘Call Links’ feature for quicker calls: WhatsApp has periodically implemented new features to make the app simpler to use. It also assists its users in keeping their talks secret by providing recommendations on how to do so.

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging software, is launching a new feature that will allow users to make and join a call with a single tap. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, discussed the new “Call Links” function.

WhatsApp is rolling out ‘Call Links’ feature for quicker calls

Users may quickly and simply establish up a link for an audio or video call by pressing the “Call Links” option on the Calls page. To utilise Call Links, users must upgrade to the most recent version of the app. This will begin later this week.

WhatsApp has announced that it has begun testing group video calls with up to 32 individuals. WhatsApp has received frequent modifications in order to make it simpler to use. It also provides its consumers with useful recommendations on how to keep their connections secure.

Disappearing Messages:

Disappearing Messages allows users to choose how long their messages will remain in a chat before disappearing. As a result, they may be used in both private and public interactions. According to the site, it is aiming to provide customers with greater privacy-protection alternatives.

The messaging service provides an additional security measure known as “two-step verification,” which needs a six-digit PIN to reset and validate your WhatsApp account. This will come in handy if your SIM card or phone is ever stolen or hacked.

Furthermore, WhatsApp has made it simple for users to ban messages and calls from certain numbers that they do not want to receive. Users were also advised not to divulge confidential financial information such as account and credit card details. The Users are also cautioned not to click on any strange URLs that the programme suspects may contain malware.

Users should also exercise caution when sending messages to others, and they should refrain from doing so if they suspect the communication is fraudulent.

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