JioBook arriving soon, Reliance Jio could sell 4G-enabled laptop at around Rs 15,000

JioBook arriving soon, Reliance Jio could sell 4G-enabled laptop at around Rs 15000: Reliance Jio is expected to offer a low-cost laptop in October 2022. The JioBook laptop might be offered at a shop for Rs 15,000. Details are provided below.

Following the introduction of India’s first low-cost 4G phones, Reliance Jio is now preparing to launch its first low-cost laptop. When it is release in October 2022, it will be known as JioBook. The JioBook, which supports 4G LTE thanks to collaboration between Qualcomm (QCOM.O) and Microsoft, is the product of their efforts. According to Reuters, the Jio laptop would cost about Rs 15,000 ($184). Everything we know about the new JioBook laptop is include below.

JioBook arriving soon, Reliance Jio could sell 4G-enabled laptop at around Rs 15,000

According to Reuters, the JioBook will be supply to institutions like as colleges and government organisations by October 2022. Then, within the following three months, it will be available in retailers throughout the globe. Jio will first introduce a 4G version of the new JioBook with a built-in sim card, followed by a 5G version. The JioBook 5G variant is schedule to be release in 2019 after the Jio 5G phone.

According to rumours, the JioBook will use an Arm Ltd. CPU and would be able to run both JioOS and Windows. Users will be able to access the JioStore through JioOS, and more programmes will be able to operate on Windows.

Mukesh Ambani’s firm contributed to the country’s digital transformation by releasing a low-cost 4G smartphone. It seems to be the most popular phone in India under Rs 10,000. The new JioBook is an attempt by the telecom giant to entice Indian consumers looking for low-cost laptops.

Flex, an Indian business, will manufacture the JioBook. According to the source, Reliance Jio expects to sell “hundreds of thousands” of phones by the end of March. Jio’s low-cost laptop, which is also being pitch as a suitable alternative to tablets for home use, will be available in 2020, after a $22 billion investment from outside investors such as KKR & Co Inc (KKR.N) and Silver Lake.

There aren’t many PCs on the market right now that cost less than Rs 20,000. Laptops such the HP 14Q-CY0005AU, Asus-E203MAH, Lenovo Ideapad 130 APU Dual-core A6, and others start at $20,000, which is still a little costly for clients on a tight budget. When it is release, the JioBook, a low-cost laptop at under Rs 15,000, is likely to shake up the sector.

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