Most powerful in UP after the CM: Om Prakash Rajbhar’s most recent comments unnerve the BJP

However, the BJP downplays the comments, claiming that they are just “his style of boosting the morale of his workers.”

Most powerful in UP after the CM

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Most powerful in UP after the CM-Only a few days into his position as UP Cabinet Minister, Om Prakash Rajbhar has reverted to remarks that have alarmed a number of BJP officials. The leader of the Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party (SBSP), who was formerly the Cabinet minister for Backward Class Welfare, has not yet been assigned a ministry. However, this time, he is aiming to get Lok Sabha seats by teaming up with the BJP.

At a public gathering in Mau three days prior, Rajbhar instructed his party members to approach police stations wearing yellow stoles going forward. According to him, when police officers saw Rajbhar’s face in the yellow stole, they would “listen to them meekly” and not dare to challenge their minister. He continued by claiming that, aside from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, he was the most powerful person in the state. “Om Prakash Rajbhar ke paas hai, uske niche agar power kisi ke pass hai too, jo power Mukhyamantri ji ke paas hai.”

He questioned his employees, pointing to Adityanath’s attendance at the swearing-in ceremony, “Who is the most powerful person in this country right now? PM, Minister of the Home Department. They are intimately connected to Om Prakash Rajbhar. CM Yogi Adityanath is the most powerful person in Uttar Pradesh right now. I observed him supervising Om Prakash Rajbhar swearing-in yesterday.

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Rajbhar remarked, drawing a parallel between himself and the antagonist Gabbar Singh from Hindi movies, “The minister (referring to himself) cannot be called upon by the police inspector, the SP, or even the DM.” Recall that I am Gabbar by saying, “Gabbar samajh lo.”

Most powerful in UP after the CM-Rajbhar continued by saying that the BJP leadership in Delhi has chosen to hand the seat and one more to his SBSP, despite the fact that the NDA had not yet formally announced its candidate for the Ghosi Lok Sabha constituency. According to sources, Rajbhar intends to challenge Ghosi with his son Arvind.

The Zahoorabad MLA, Rajbhar, has a shaky relationship with the BJP and controls the votes of the Rajbhar community in eastern Uttar Pradesh. His affiliation with the NDA was severed prior to the Lok Sabha elections in 2018, despite being a member of the initial BJP-led state administration that took office in 2017. He didn’t think twice to challenge it or even to sit on dharna in opposition to it when he was in the government.

Since the Samajwadi Party (SP) ran in the 2022 Assembly elections as part of the SP-led coalition, Rajbhar and his five other MLAs returned to the NDA last month. However, many in the BJP fear they will be up against an even more assertive Rajbhar this time, who not only questions how the government operates but also openly flaunts his “power.”

His remarks have unnerved many in the BJP once more because they believe they set a bad example for others to follow and because they find themselves in a precarious situation where one of their friends has declared direct control over public servants. While Rajbhar has previously declared his opposition to the system, his recent declaration that he is the state’s most powerful person after the chief minister is a novel step.

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