Rajya Sabha Election 2024: Congress seeks disqualification of 6 cross-voting MLAs, sources claim

Rajya Sabha Election 2024 – Sources state that the Congress party has petitioned the Speaker of Himachal Pradesh to have six rebel MLAs disqualified for casting absentee ballots on Tuesday.

Rajya Sabha Election 2024

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A day prior, these six MLAs had supported BJP candidate Harsh Mahajan by casting cross-party votes, which helped him secure a seat in the Rajya Sabha from the mountainous state. 

In addition to the backing of three independent MLAs, the Congress has 40 MLAs in the 68-member assembly, and it is the party in power in Himachal Pradesh. Abhishek Manu Singhvi, the Congress nominee, lost the Rajya Sabha seat in spite of the numbers. 

After conceding defeat, Singhvi ‘thanked’ the MLAs who voted against him, allowing Harsh Mahajan to win. Following a draw of lots used as a tiebreaker, Mahajan appeared to have the upper hand.

Additionally, I want to express my gratitude to the nine MLAs since they have taught me a lot about human nature—both its resiliency and its flaws. They had an affair with us.Thus, I believe that we are poor judges of human nature, while they are unquestionably superior judges,” he declared.

The opposition BJP claims that the Congress government has lost the majority in the house as a result of the MLAs’ cross-voting, which has put the state government in disarray.

It is believed that the ruling party is trying to save its government by trying to disqualify the dissident MLAs. 

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Amid the state’s political unrest, Himachal Pradesh Assembly Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania met Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla on Wednesday at Raj Bhavan.

This development coincides with the BJP’s move to introduce a resolution of no-confidence against the state’s Congress government in the assembly during today’s scheduled start of the state budget session.

In the Himachal Pradesh state assembly, which has 68 members, the Congress has 40 MLAs and the BJP has 25. Independents occupy the final three seats.

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