Asus A3402 review: The all-in-one desktop for most people

Wishma TV: The Asus A3402 Everything will be generally explained as a personal computer appropriate both for work and playing.

There are also two disused laptops in my big house, however neither of my elderly parents are interested in utilising them. When I’m not around, their inability to utilise a laptop can get annoying. They tried out the Asus A3402 AIO after so much deliberation, and to my astonishment, they began operating it without any further instruction from me. After this brief but fruitful experiment, I’m really considering purchasing an all-in-one machine that can serve dual purposes in the home and the workplace.

Pricing details for the Asus A3402 AIO in India: 71,990.

Aesthetics and design

Desktop-Computers have always been a touch too big for both my needs and the desk, which has been an ongoing issue for me. The Asus A3402 AIO, however, does not resemble the typical desktop PCs I’ve always used. It’s nothing like the bulky, antiquated desktops I’ve used in the past, and it looks and feels great. A computer, display, monitor, and sometimes even a webcam and speakers can all be found within the compact frame of an all-in-one PC. There is no longer any requirement for a desktop tower, screen, and audio system of their own.

A 23.8-inch touchscreen display sits atop an L-shaped aluminium stand and dominates the front of the computer, giving the impression of a big smartphone screen. The system’s rear is a textured white plastic panel that looks quite spare. The A3402’s stand is identical to that of the iMac in that it only permits tilt adjustment and lacks height and swivel controls. The USB-C port, Ethernet jack, and three USB 3.2 Type-A (Gen 1) ports are all on the rear of the device. It is convenient to have access to all of the ports in one location. A 3.5 mm headphone jack and an extra USB Type-A port are the only two ports on the computer’s body; they’re both situated at the base of the screen. I initially mistook the AIO for not having a headphone jack because of the unusual placement of the headphone jack.

As the major computer in my home, I have relocated it from the family room to my bedroom and then back to the main hall, where it has been for the past few days. My mom and dad can handle moving it on their own because of how light it is and how little space it takes up. The A3402 goes beyond the role of a simple utility to become a stylish addition to your home.

Soundsystem und visuelles Display

The screen size, in inches, falls between 21 and 27 and is a total of 23.8. For a consumer desktop, I’ve always found that a 21-inch screen is just right, and that a 27-inch screen is just too big. Although they have trouble reading emails and e-paper on laptop screens, my parents found the 23.8-inch screen to be the perfect size for viewing movies on YouTube and surfing the web. Colors are brighter and details are clearer. The IPS FHD LCD display is excellent, however it may not feel spacious if you are used to an ultrawide monitor.

As an added bonus, hearing such clear sound come from such a lightweight and compact system is a treat. The bass is weak, but the audio quality is excellent. There’s no doubt that the speakers can fill the space with sound, but the volume could be higher.

Computing device with a keyboard and pointing device

You won’t need to buy a separate keyboard and mouse because they’re both included in the package. The keyboard’s size is very typical, and it’s a pleasure to type on it. You won’t have any trouble pressing the keys, and they feel great. Meanwhile, the included mouse is both stylish and portable. Because of its understated style, this mouse is at home in any professional setting. The mouse is a simple wireless device with a minimalist design.


How well the A3402 works for you will depend on your type of use. Since neither my parents nor I are power users, the A3402 is an excellent candidate for a shared household computer. The Intel Core i5-1235U processor, 8GB of RAM, and 512GB of SSD storage are all housed within the AIO. Everyday tasks, such as browsing the web and using applications, were completed quickly and easily. Everything that most people require a computer for was available to me: editing and sharing documents in Google Docs, writing and uploading stories on the CMS, listening to music, and watching videos on YouTube. The Intel Core i5 isn’t the best choice for intensive graphics or video editing, but it’s fine for everyday tasks like checking email, writing papers, and taking a few snaps. However, you won’t be able to run AAA games on this system.


The camera is just okay. On the video conversations, my face and the colours appeared flat and subdued. It’s disappointing that in 2022 the resolution is still so poor. Advantages of AIOs include their ability to charge from a regular wall outlet like a laptop. So long as there is an electrical socket nearby, the computer can be moved around our home with relative ease. An Ethernet port, which allows for the highest potential transfer rates, is another feature I value.

The Asus A3402 all-in-one computer: should you get it?

Your laptop will still be needed in addition to the Asus A3402 all-in-one desktop computer. Periode. To best understand what an AIO is, think of a family computer that everyone in the house can use for everything from schoolwork to gaming. If you’re planning to retain this desktop for a while and don’t mind spending up to Rs 71,900 on it, then you should definitely go for an all-in-one. When you have senior family members living at home, I still think it’s a good idea to invest in an all-in-one desktop computer.

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