WhatsApp data of 500 million users available for purchase, says report

Wishma TV : It’s worth noting that none of the 500 million or so user profiles compromised in the WhatsApp data hack appear to be from India.


In a recent update, Cybernews wrote, “The claim talked about here is based on unverified screenshots.”

Not a single shred of evidence points to WhatsApp having suffered a “data leak.” An official WhatsApp spokesperson

WhatsApp is widely regarded as a secure instant messaging programme that can be used across platforms and is compatible with nearly any device due to its use of technologies,

including end-to-end encryption. According to a recent claim from Cybernews, however,

hackers have successfully breached WhatsApp and taken the personal information of around 500 million users.

The article claims that a hacker advertised the mobile numbers of over 487 million WhatsApp users on a forum frequented by the hacking community.

Users from 84 nations are said to be included in the data, which also includes 32 million American users, according to the listing.
Users’ information from countries like Egypt, Italy, Saudi Arabia, France, and Turkey has also been compromised.

The fact that there is no information about Indian users on the list is also intriguing. The WhatsApp user database in the United States may be purchased for $7,000;

The databases in the United Kingdom and Germany cost $2,500 and $2,000, respectively.

A sample of data, included 1097 US phone numbers and 817 UK phone numbers, were given by the hacker to cybernews in responding to requests for a sample.

Phone numbers that were compromised can be used for phishing, identity theft, and other illicit purposes.

Meta has not replied to this latest development as of yet. There is currently speculation that the data of about 500 million

WhatsApp users was collected by online scraping or web harvesting,

in which an automated data tool is used to capture data from a specific site, in direct violation of WhatsApp’s terms of service.

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