Fire Boltt brings its line of smartwatches to Singapore and Vietnam.

Fire Boltt, an Indian smartwatch brand, has said that it will be entering the market in South East Asia. As part of its plans to grow quickly around the world, the brand is now doing business in Singapore and Vietnam. The brand just recently started selling in the UAE.

Fire Boltt has teamed up with SmartechSG Private Limited to start its business in Singapore and Vietnam. The company plans to sell its best-selling smartwatches, such as the Visionary, Invincible, Ring, and Talk 2, as well as watches from the Ninja Series, on e-commerce platforms in both markets at first, with plans to gradually expand into offline markets in the region.

Arnav Kishore, Founder and CEO of Fire-Boltt, said about the announcement, “International expansion has always been one of Fire-top Boltt’s priorities, especially now that home-grown production has begun under the “Make in India” initiative.” It’s a proud moment for India that one of its brands can now be bought on international markets. The response we’ve gotten from our customers has been overwhelming, which makes us work even harder to come up with new ideas and meet customer needs. We hope to reach more important goals in the near future.

Aayushi Kishore, co-founder of Fire-Boltt, added to the excitement by saying, “We are thrilled to announce that we are expanding into the South Asian market. We chose our best-selling products by hand, such as Visionary, Invincible, etc., based on research we did in these markets. We have also made changes to the display screen, the languages that can be used, the marketing messages, and even the packaging so that it fits each market. Based on the amazing response we’ve gotten so far, we’re excited to grow in South East Asia and the rest of the APAC region. We are also working hard to get design feedback from customers in some of these markets so that we can offer the best to our customers in India and around the world.

SmartechSG Pvt Limited said about the launch, “We are proud that Fire-Boltt chose us to start its business in South-East Asia. This global smartwatch brand gives customers a great selection of smartwatches with lots of features at prices that can’t be beat.

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