Nothing OS 1.5 update for stability: What is new about the Nothing Phone 1

The Nothing OS 1.5 upgrade based on Android 13 delivers a number of interface enhancements to the Nothing Phone 1, including a more “refined” camera app appearance, new media controls, and new volume controls.

Android 13 will eventually be made available to Nothing Phone 1 customers after a lengthy wait. The OS version is covered by the Nothing OS 1.5 skin, which adds a few significant modifications to an otherwise stock Android experience. The update includes a new Nothing weather app, additional Glyph ringtones and notification sounds, and a few user interface enhancements.

There is little indication that the Android 13 upgrade increases performance, despite claims that app loading times have been increased by 50 percent. The animations for locking and unlocking the phone have also been enhanced.

The camera app’s appearance has been “improved,” and there are new media controls and volume settings. The new media controls are a part of Android 13’s redesign, which also displays album artwork in its entirety and expands the music controls.

More colour schemes are now available to better match apps and icons with the wallpaper that is now active. Moreover, you can now set shortcuts for the camera, flashlight, device controls, and wallet directly on the lockscreen.

Additional modifications that enhance the overall experience are the following:

Quickly switch data consumption when utilising dual SIM with the enhanced Quick Settings window for the network.

A QR code scanner has been added to Quick Settings and the camera app.

Support for many languages that permits different languages for different applications.

Clipboard display. Text that has been copied appears on the clipboard in the lower-left corner of the screen. So that you can alter the content directly before pasting.

Vordergrunddienste To conserve battery life, close active background apps immediately from the notification centre.

The Android 13-based Nothing OS 1.5 update for the Nothing Phone 1 was initially released as an open beta in December of last year. This is the first time that the upgrade has been deemed stable.

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