Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro review: Lightweight hi-fi

When it comes to sound, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro strike a nice mix between neutral and full. There isn’t a tonne of low end, as many modern headphones users are probably used to.
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Truly wireless headphones come in a wide range of prices and functions, and are currently offered by the vast majority of smartphone manufacturers. Not to be outdone, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds have been a hit for several years. For use with Samsung’s and other manufacturers’ flagship devices, Samsung has now released an upgraded version of its wireless headphones, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro are the tiniest completely wireless headphones I have used. The buds are so tiny that they practically disappear entirely into the ear canal and stay put without any additional clamping or holding. If it weren’t for the music, you may even forget you’re wearing headphones.

The purple hue of the packaging and review unit for the Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 are a perfect fit. The audience’s demographic information can also be gleaned from the coordinated colour scheme.

And it’s not just the colours that go together. The Flip 4 prompted me to connect the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro as soon as I removed them from their charging case. As I clicked „Accept,“ the Buds Pro Manager app launched, and I was able to switch between transparent mode and normal operation as I adjusted the active noise cancellation. Moreover, I was able to activate surround sound and a microphone to pick up my voice. But it’s a little disheartening that there isn’t anything to make things even.

The active noise cancellation is extremely efficient and goes on as soon as the buds get inside your ears. A long press on the earbuds will activate the transparent mode. The transparency mode is the kind that makes you hear more than when the earbuds are switched off.

You may customise your software with a number of useful options. The speech detect, for instance, reduces media volume when the earbuds identify you are speaking. In addition, there are next-stretch notifications that can tell when you’ve spent too much time with your head buried in your phone and prompt you to take a break.

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The audio quality of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro is both balanced and rich at the same time. There isn’t any overpowering bass, like many modern headphones are accustomed to.

When I listened to Singara Sire by Kantara, a vocal-heavy composition that is also intricate and tests both the highs and the lows, I was impressed by the Buds2 Pro’s performance. The music was staying exactly where it was supposed to be, as I nodded my head in satisfaction thanks to the 360-degree audio.

When I changed to a high-fidelity rendition of „Have you ever seen the rain?,“ I could hear the full depth of the audio profile. It seemed like the background cymbals were making an effort to create the sound of rain in my ears, and I could tell that the Bud2 Pro was enjoying the music as much as I was.

After listening to the Oscar Peterson Trio’s rendition of Girl From Ipanema, I was even more convinced that these are among the best earphones on the market, especially for those who prefer their music unprocessed. For added assurance, I stopped by Norah Jones’ Come Away With Me.

It’s a plus that the Buds2 Pro’s call quality is excellent, as it’s next to impossible to use these true wireless earbuds for anything other than making and receiving phone calls. As long as you remember to plug it into the charging case every so often (which you can do wirelessly), the battery should last for up to 18 hours of use.

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