Angry at American Airlines for missing her kid at Miami International Airport, a mother slams her airline.

After landing in Miami International Airport with a 12-year-old unaccompanied minor, American Airlines was unable to locate her.

AA notified the girl’s mother an hour after the plane arrived that they couldn’t find her, the girl’s mother said.

Despite her mother’s $150 investment in an airport chaperone, the airline allowed her to disembark the plane on her own.

after being permitted to exit the plane, American Airlines informed the mother of her daughter’s flight that she had gone missing.

An hour after landing in Miami, Monica Gilliam received a phone call from the airline saying they had no idea where her 12-year-old daughter was, even though she had paid an additional $150 for a chaperone to accompany her.

She had flown from Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Miami, Florida, alone, and was permitted to disembark even though she was wearing a lanyard to indicate she was not travelling with an adult.

When the professional photographer’s daughter exited the plane, the flight attendants gave her a wave, and she continued on her way.

Not one AA staffer approached her to inquire about if she was accompanied by an adult, Gilliam stated in the video. According to the woman, “Not a single Miami airport employee stopped her, and even TSA agents as she exited the secure area and entered baggage claim did not stop her.”

The youngster was able to make touch with her father, who was able to lead her around the airport terminal and eventually locate her, according to the girl’s mother, who described the incident in an online video.

‘The full abandoning of a youngster in their care, and the incompetence demonstrated today is criminal,’ Gilliam said in the video’s caption.

In response to the event, American Airlines claimed it “cares profoundly” about its young customers, took it “extremely seriously,” and was investigating.

We’ve had a representative contact the consumer to get further information,” a spokeswoman stated.

A passenger on an American Airlines aircraft from Buenos Aires to Miami has been accused of taking two credit cards and $10,000 in cash from other passengers, while another passenger was stuck in Miami for three days when his trip was cancelled.

Thousands of flights have been cancelled this summer, and airlines are scrambling to keep up with the demand, resulting in bags stacking up at certain airport terminals.

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