Central Monitoring Team is coming in West Bengal for monitoring the work

The central team is coming to West Bengal to see the work of the central project. After the visit, the report will be submitted back to Delhi, the report along with the photos should be given at the time of the visit, the Ministry of Village Nomination has clarified.

This visit will be in total 15 districts of Bengal. Among them are two Medinipur and Jhargram. A part of the district administration is worried about this visit proposed by the central party. Because that party is coming to find irregularities. According to the administration, there will be a 100-day work inspection, as well as housing projects, road projects and inspections. But due to this news, Trinamool supremo and state chief minister Mamata Banerjee warned from the stage on July 21 that Delhi will be surrounded if they do not get the money for 100 days of work. Such is the speculation that the Center wants to keep under counter pressure.

The central team is scheduled to arrive in West Midnapore on August 1 and return on August 6. The team will be led by Ministry Director Devendra Kumar while the other two members are Project Director Meenakshi Tripathi and Engineer Rakshit Tyagi. East Medinipur and the central team are scheduled to arrive on August 1 and return on August 6. The team will be led by Ministry Director RP Singh along with Project Officer Ankita Sharma and Engineer Arun Patel. The central team is scheduled to arrive in Jhargram on August 17 and return on August 22. The team will be headed by Ministry Director Manikchad Pandit while the other two members are Project Officer Jagriti Pal and Engineer G Kiran Kumar.

According to the administration sources, the central team has been told what to do when it comes to visit.  The inspection team will visit at least 2 blocks in the district and visit four to six villages in person. They will have to visit at least 6 project areas per Gram Panchayat in 100 days of work. Out of those six projects at least 3 should be for construction of dams and one for tree plantation.  The team will visit the district for at least four days.  The Union Ministry of Rural Development has clarified that the report must be submitted within two days of returning to Delhi.  According to a source in the administration, the issue has been clarified in the guidelines that have come to the state regarding the visit of the central team.

The inspection team of the Union Ministry of Rural Development came to Paschim Medinipur last year also to inspect the work of one hundred days. The team found several irregularities in the 100-day work in the district. How irregular? The team observed that the expenditure on flood control and land improvement in the district. But according to the judgment and observations of the central party, surprise is expressed. Further observation of the team was that all the documents of the work were not properly done in the panchayat. All the work was not done in public interest. Block Development Officers in charge of Government projects do not visit specific project areas. Even if huge amount of money is spent, social audit is not done. The job card issued earlier did not have the project name logo. Many of the workers work for three to four hours in the morning and then stop working. But the whole tie got paid. Many do not come back to work but their names are entered in the register. And the money also enters the bank account at the right time.

Does the Center want to take quick action to stop irregularities? That’s why re-inspection and quick report? Or is there some other secret hidden behind it? Speculation is like that. Now the people of the state are waiting for the report.

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