Bengaluru restaurant blast : Suspect wearing a mask and a cap, IED similar to the one used in Mangaluru in 2022 

Bengaluru restaurant blast-Before departing, the suspect went inside the restaurant and had a snack. That was left close to the restaurant’s hand-washing station, according to police sources.

Bengaluru restaurant blast

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A primary suspect has been identified as a MAN wearing a mask, glasses, and a cap. Who was seen by CCTV cameras at Rameshwaram Cafe around an hour before the explosion on Friday at 12:56 p.m. The individual had covered part of his face. But sources close to the police claimed that efforts were on to identify him.

Before departing, the suspect went inside the Bengaluru restaurant blast  and had a snack. The IED that caused the explosion was found inside a tiffin box bag. That was stored inside a larger bag that was left close to the restaurant’s hand-washing station, according to police sources.

Which was limited to the area where the bag was put and was characterised by a loud boom, flames, and smoke, injured nine people. While others only had minor wounds and shock, a 45-year-old lady was injured. In about 40% of the cases and is currently in the intensive care unit.

Mohammed Shariq, an alleged IS activist who was self-taugh

According to police sources, the gadget used at the Rameshwaram Cafe. And the gadgets connected to the IS module that caused the explosion in Mangalore share a lot of similarities. The NIA is presently looking into the Mangaluru incident. In which Mohammed Shariq, an alleged IS activist who was self-taught, was apprehended after suffering burn injuries.

The explosion is reportedly being investigated as a terrorist incident. According to a news release from the Bengaluru city police. Which also stated that the HAL jurisdiction police had filed a case. Under the Explosives Substances Act and the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act of 1967.

Officers from the NIA remained on the scene until Friday, and the organisation is probably going to handle the investigation. Mohammed Shariq, 24, was riding in an autorickshaw in Mangaluru on November 19, 202. When an almost identical IED he had made unintentionally exploded in a bag he was carrying on his lap. As a result, he had 40% burn damage. The explosion led to his arrest.

Bengaluru restaurant blast

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The police investigations revealed that although the primary explosive in the pressure cooker device. A printed circuit board timer, and a printed circuit board.

The bulb filaments that were kept in touch with the gunpowder were supposed to heat up and cause. The explosion of the IED inside the pressure cooker.

Shariq was wanted at the time of the event in a terror case that was filed in Shivamogga. In September of that year due to his suspected ties to the Islamic State. For spray-painting anti-national graffiti on a wall in Mangalore.

At the time, police claimed that the accused had watched films to understand how to make bombs. The majority of the suspected members of the Shivamogga-Mangaluru IS module engaged in the 2022 attacks were placed under arrest.

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