Attack on Moscow concert: People open fire and throw bombs at a concert hall.

Attack on Moscow concert: Camouflaged attackers broke into the building, started shooting, and threw a grenade or bomb that could start a fire.

 Attack on Moscow concert

Moscow: Gunmen attacked a concert hall in Moscow and killed more than 60 people, the Investigative Committee said Saturday. This was more than the 40 people who were killed earlier, according to Russian news sources.
“The bodies of the dead are being looked at right now.” For now, it is known for sure that the terrorist act killed more than 60 people. The number of victims could go up, which is sad, the Investigative Committee said.

The Crocus City concert hall in the Krasnogorsk suburb, which is north of the Russian capital, caught fire quickly. The hall can hold several thousand people and has held famous artists from around the world.

The police said they were looking into a “terrorist” attack, and Dmitry Peskov, President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, told Russian news agencies that Putin was getting “constant” reports on the attack.

The news feeds Baza and Mash on Telegram, which are close to the police, showed videos of flames and black smoke coming from the hall.

In some pictures, two guys were walking down the hall while at least one person was lying on the ground near the door.

People at the concert were also seen trying to get away or hide behind seats

The show by the Russian rock band Piknik was called a “terrible tragedy” by Moscow’s mayor, Sergei Sobyanin. Because of this, the city’s government canceled all public events for the weekend.

Security services told the Interfax news agency that two to five people “wearing tactical uniforms and carrying automatic weapons” opened fire on guards at the door and then at the crowd.

The reporter said that people began to crawl out when it became safe to do so. “An awful crime”

Gunmen attack a show in Moscow, killing over 60 and hurting many more. What we know

TASS news service said that about a third of the complex was on fire. Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for Russia’s foreign ministry, called it a “bloody terrorist attack.”

She said on Telegram, “This horrible crime must be condemned by everyone in the world.”

The attack was called “terrible” by the US presidency, but there was no immediate link to the war in Ukraine.
Moscow’s mayor said, “I offer my condolences to the families of the deceased.” At the same time, a large security operation began around the theater and the nearby shopping mall.

TASS reported that the Crocus hall had been visited by SOBR, special police units, and the OMON anti-riot squad.
It also said that everyone in the rock band had been safely removed.

In the past, Islamist groups have attacked Moscow and other Russian cities. However, there have also been incidents with no clear political motivation.

Special forces struck the theater to stop the hostage-taking. A gas used by security forces to knock out the gunmen killed 130 people, most of whom died of suffocation.

Since Russia sent troops into Ukraine in February 2022, anti-Kremlin groups have been attacking the country along the border. The president of Ukraine and the Freedom of Russia Legion, whose members are in the Ukrainian military, both denied having anything to do with the attack on the music hall.

On Friday night, gunmen opened fire in a concert hall in Moscow, Russia’s capital, in one of the worst terror acts ever. At least 60 people were killed and 100 were hurt.

10 new details about the big story about the attack on the show in Moscow

Attack on Moscow concert: Several people with guns opened fire on a crowd in Moscow on Friday at the Crocus City Hall. Attackers in disguised clothes broke into the building, started shooting, and threw a grenade or bomb that could start a fire.
The SOBR special police forces and the OMON anti-riot squad were sent to the Crocus hall, according to the TASS news service. A rock band called Picnic and about 100 other people were taken out of the basement of a Moscow performance hall after the attack.

 Attack on Moscow concert

“The whole world must condemn this horrible crime!” the Russian foreign ministry wrote on Telegram.
. “We are at war with the Russian regular army and with the country of Russia as a whole.”
Chechen terrorists held about 800 people hostage at a Moscow theater in October 2002. Two days later, Russian special forces broke into the building and killed 129 prisoners and 41 Chechen fighters.

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